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  Güney Güner

      a designer from               Turkey, currently

living in Austria.

hello again,

nice to see you here! Let me tell you a bit about myself and this website.

I'm a person who values openness and kindness when it comes to both my personal and professional life. I would say I'm a good listener, but not as good of a writer (as you might see here). 

I've just finished my Interaction Design Master’s degree at FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria with my Master's thesis on Ethics of Interaction Design. I'm highly interested in experience design and user-oriented design and I would say research is my strongest suit in the design process. I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, and there I have studied Industrial Design as my Bachelor’s at Özyeğin University. I value all the steps throughout the design process and want to create a meaningful difference that could shape and touch people’s lives.


Some other personal things I can say about myself is that I'm also interested in photography which I do as a hobby, both analog and digital.  I'm a great coffee nerd, interested in all things coffee, and I'm pretty much of a tech savvy person.

This website basically summarises who I am, how I approach design and the major projects I've done so far. Also, of course how to contact me which you can easily do with through the contact page.

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