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Hello, I'm Güney

Here you can find out about who I am,

how I do design, and what I have done so far.

And of course get in contact.

Interaction Design | UI/UX | Industrial Design | Design Research


ethics of interaction design

in my master's thesis, I wrote on how ethics and interaction design relate, and how designers should become more responsible in their work

a framework and a code of ethics for designers were the main outcomes

all your smart health devices combined in an app that can help you gain new healthy habits, track your mood and get insights on your data


an app designed to ease the process of looking for a new shared apartment or a flatmate

implemented using Ionic framework with Angular



Güney Güner, Marie Kunzmann

concept design | UI | development

humorous installation that tries to "clean" your body off of coronavirus with different light and sound effects

the main feature of this interactive installation is the fun it produces along the process



video by

Lukas Franz, Güney Güner, Lea Su Lin Habel, Marie Kunzmann, Julian Schwazer, Petra Vymazalova

concept idea | interaction design | media integration | build process

Niklas Dostal, Eva Jobst