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Güney Güner

Hi! I'm a designer from Turkey, currently living in Austria and this is my online portfolio.


Industrial Design Projects


Graphic Design Work

X Fest

Some of the graphic design work I did for the music and ski/snowboard festival "X Fest" which took place in between 16. - 19. January of 2020. I worked as the content creator and co-managed their Instagram page which can be reached by clicking the Instagram logo below for more of the work.


Interaction Design Projects

Burt's Bees Landing Page

Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm landing page improved.



Photography has always been a passion for me. Everywhere I go, I carry my camera with me. My main interests are architectural and street photography and I use both analog and digital cameras. I believe that photography helps a person understand their surroundings and the world, it shaped who I am and how I express myself that is why it is an important part of my portfolio.